About MSE

School of Materials Science and Engineering

PNUs School of Materials Science and Engineering is among the nations strongest with 19 full-time prominent faculty members and our educational programs also stand among the very best. Our educational system for the undergraduate students have been accredited by ABEEK (Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea) and the graduate programs have been considered among the nations leading programs, supported by the state-funded BK21PLUS (Brain Korea 21PLUS).

Our academic mission is to cultivate the human resources with utmost quality who can play a leading role in the field of materials science and closely related areas. The strategic objectives are: (1) To promote the industry-oriented learning and teaching, balanced with the education on engineering fundamentals; (2) To maximize the critical and creative thinking to figure out how to get things done; (3) To elevate the capability for exploiting the interdisciplinary fusion technology; (4) To strengthen the ability to lead regional society and cope with international competitiveness.

Research interests within the department cover nearly all fields of materials science and interdisciplinary areas, including structural, information/display, electronic, energy, biomedical, opto-electrical, and hybrid functional materials. All these interests are significantly contributing the advances in the fields and helping figure out the difficulties the industries face with. The outputs are then incorporated in education.

Our department continues to develop and play a leading role in powering the regional/national growth in materials technology. Your continued support and advice would be much appreciated.